Does the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?Edward Lorenz, 139th AAAS Meeting, 29th December 1972

Our purpose

The Butterfly Beats is an insight agency for igniting commercial and community transformation.

Our name was inspired by the butterfly effect, a scientific concept that posits small changes can result in radically different outcomes.

We believe this is true in business and in life. Our goal is to help you identify and deliver the small but significant changes that multiply and magnify your impact disproportionately.

We educate and equip businesses to make a better, broader and bigger impact through their value chain.

Our vision is for a more effective, innovative and purposeful chain which would transform not only your business but industry and even wider society.

Just as the butterfly emerges from relatively humble and unrecognisable beginnings, we help you look beyond today's constraints to envision and expedite tomorrow's potential.

We deliver change through our unique approach to research, analysis and communication.

With an end-to-end view of the supply chain, we combine the bigger picture strategic outlook with practical and tailored support for your situation.

We measure our own impact based on your results so it's not just about dumping insight at your door but delivering it in a way that empowers you to deliver sustainable success.

Our difference

Extensive experience

A combined 20+ years of experience working across private and public sectors, within industry and academia, and in the retail and finance markets, delivering research, analysis, training, consulting, facilitation and change management.

Established excellence

Career track records of success, including: development of an industry award winning supplier portal, facilitating cross-industry working groups on collaborative projects, and multiple publications and presentations at global events.

Agile approach

A highly flexible and adaptive approach, based on learning and innovating, customised to your needs and preferences. This extends to our own ways of working and interacting, delivery channels and schedules and even payment models.

Persistent principles

Just as we advise others, we only take on projects we believe in and that align with our purpose and values. That way we can deploy our full passion in delivering the best possible job for you. We won’t compromise on integrity.

The Nightingale Calling

The Nightingale Calling is our vehicle for doing pro bono work in service of a fair, free and just society. We use our skills, as outlined on these pages, to make a broader impact in areas beyond our already expansive value chain remit.

It is named after Florence Nightingale whose innovative presentation of her analysis of army statistics in the Crimean War - which revealed the huge proportion of hospital deaths due to poor sanitation - helped to save countless lives.

The Nightingale Calling was conceived before The Butterfly Beats and helped to influence the ends and the means through which we operate. These twin ventures now exist in partnership. Please click on the logo to find out more.



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“Darren did an outstanding job in understanding the Rascal business in such a short space of time which made the day very well-tailored to our needs. The most useful aspects were the time and space the day created to challenge our existing thinking in an open forum along with the various practical models Darren shared to help shape thinking. This has been an excellent catalyst for us on our ongoing innovation journey.”

Jonty Edwards, Commercial Director, Rascal Systems


1. Strategic Choice

Forecast and fashion the future

2. Supply Chain

Execute efficiently and effectively

3. Social Change

Leave a lasting legacy

1. Strategic Choice

In today's frenetic, ultra-competitive and uncertain world, the future looks increasingly fuzzy. Businesses face many dilemmas: how do you think big for tomorrow when confronted with the constraints of today? ; should you diversify or focus on your core strengths? ; and how can you both manage proliferating risks while innovating rapidly to stay ahead of the competition? We believe the answer to flourishing, as with life itself, lies at the edge of chaos. We help you find this edge through developing a data-driven, customer-focused culture that values creativity but uses an analytical, structured approach to transformation.

2. Supply Chain

A recent World Economic Forum study found that improving supply chains could increase global GDP by up to six times more than simply removing all trade tariffs. And yet talk of trade barriers, because of recent high profile events, seems set to dominate government priorities in the near future while supply chain barriers are, perversely, left to individual businesses to navigate independently. We can help you navigate the complexity, foster the collaboration and develop the capabilities needed for a successful, responsive supply chain that delivers your bottom line efficiencies while supporting your top line for growth.

3. Social Change

The value chain does not exist in isolation but connects the fashion designer in New York with the farmer in Nicaragua and the waiter in Birmingham with the weaver in Bangladesh. As populations grow, the value chain plays an increasingly prominent and vital role in sustaining society. The good news is what makes a fairer society and a more sustainable environment also happens to align with what makes a better value chain for businesses. We surface the broader external impacts of your decisions beyond your business to help you find win-wins, like reduced food waste or fewer road miles, to deliver sustainable success.


1. Original Research

2. Incisive Analysis

3. Compelling Narrative

1. Original Research

Data! Data! Data! I can’t make bricks without clay.Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Conan Doyle)

2. Incisive Analysis

The price of light is less than the cost of darkness.A. C. Nielsen

3. Compelling Narrative

The value of an idea lies in the using of it.Thomas Edison


Irrepressible ideas...

Regular column of insights, inspiration, opinions and reflections for the value chain, based on topical events, innovations and future gazing. Also, watch this space for free reports, infographics and tools…


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